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About Immanuel Christian School



The purpose of our school is to assist parents in their God-given duty to instruct their covenant children in the fear of the Lord. Our school will provide an education that:

  • is in accordance with the Holy Scriptures as summarized in the Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism and Canons of Dort.
  • aids our children to develop their unique God-given talents.
  • encourages our children to live as prophets, priests and kings, who in faith share in Christ’s anointing.
  • teaches our children to promote and attend to the needs of the communion of saints.
  • prepares our children to function effectively as discerning Christians in society.
  • enables our children to become responsible citizens of Canada.
  • meets or exceeds government standards.

Members of the Canadian Reformed Churches believe that their children belong to Jesus Christ their Lord, and that it is a parent’s duty and privilege to provide their children with a Christian education.

This can only be accomplished in a school where all instruction is based on, and permeated by, the infallible Word of God. Parents from the Winnipeg Canadian Reformed churches formed an association, the Canadian Reformed School Society of Winnipeg, Inc., to establish and maintain such a school. The Society began the operation of Immanuel Christian School in September 1976.

School Organization


Membership in the Canadian Reformed School Society of Winnipeg is open to persons who:

  • are members of the Grace or Redeemer Canadian Reformed Churches of Winnipeg or the Providence United Reformed Church at Winnipeg;
  • are 18 years or older;
  • contribute the required membership dues.


All children of the members are eligible to attend the school.

Board of Directors

The affairs of the Society are conducted by the seven member Board of Directors, elected by the Society. To assist the Board in the performance of its duties there are a number of committees, including the Education Advisory Committee, the Membership and Promotion Committee and the Maintenance Committee. Other committees that support the Board include the Athletics Committee, the  Compensation Committee, the Computer Committee, the Library Committee, the Music Committee, and the Uniform Committee.


ICS is a covenantal school. All members of the church share in concern for the children with whom they share the covenant blessings of God. Therefore, membership – both in terms of membership fees and involvement in the school community – is encouraged for all church members, young and old alike, regardless of whether they have children attending the school.

The affairs of the Society are financed by:

  • parents of children attending the school who pay a membership/tuition fee each month;
  • other members who pay an individual membership fee each month;
  • grants from the the provincial government;
  • and donations.


The Society holds a membership in the Manitoba Federation of Independant Schools (MFIS), and is associated with the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies.

Promotion & Communication

A weekly publication, The Messenger, keeps the membership informed about the broader activity of the school as well as weekly classroom activity and expectations. The Society also calls membership meetings in November and May of each school year.

Programme & Standards

Currently, a programme for Grades K-12 is offered. Students are taught the basic skills which they will require in their further education. In the first part of the day Bible and Church History instruction takes place. All other courses are also taught from a Biblical perspective.

The highest standards possible are maintained, encouraging students to be good stewards of their God-given talents and to maintain an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline. Students are prepared to become concerned and active citizens of the Kingdom of God and of their country. The ties between Home, School and Church are closely maintained.

The school intends to provide an education for all students; every effort is made to ensure extra help for those who have lesser capabilities. The school employs Resource Teachers and Teacher Assistants are appointed whenever the need arises. The Child Guidance Clinic offers specialized services to the school. An Industrial Arts and Home Economics programme for the grade 6, 7 and 8 students is provided in the Public School through a Shared Services Agreement.

This above is provided for information purposes only; in all cases the Constitution and By-laws of the Canadian Reformed Society of Winnipeg, Inc. will serve as the governing document.